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“Getting Started” Website Package
Everything you need to put your company’s website online in one easy package!

  • Professional design in an affordable one-page package
  • Company logo and photo layout1
  • Company name and brief “About Us” statement
  • Contact information with @companydomain email address
Included in Package
  • Company domain registration2
  • Five hours of professional website design3
  • Hosting on global Internet web server
  • Technical management and nightly backup
Package Pricing
$400 advance deposit (non-refundable), then:4
  • One-Year Agreement: $34.95/month
  • Three-Year Agreement: $29.95/month
Expansion Options
  • Additional pages may be added at any time
  • Expansion may be incremental or all at once
  • Cost averages approximately $100-$200 per additional page plus $5/each per month5
Footnotes, Terms and Conditions
1. Customer must provide logo and photos (if any) in suitable formats, plus all text content. 2. Domain name registration is for three years ($75 value), renewal is required in Year Four. 3. Five hours is considered adequate for normal starter site development, hourly rates will be applied if additional time is required. 4. Once the required materials and deposit have been received, the new website can usually be completed within approximately 30 business days. 5. Based on $85.00 hourly rate, actual development pricing varies.

For more information, please contact Business Development Manager Marie Burkey at 559.781.4123 or via email to sales@porterville.com. Don't put it off any longer, call us and get started today!

Website Design and Production

OACYS has developed many business-oriented websites for our clients since 1995. We apply a professional eye for good design using the industry's foremost graphic design software, and often connect the front-end presentation to sophisticated back-end database functionality.

This combination is ideally suited to the integration of secure web-based site administration utilities, which we typically incorporate to permit the client to directly manage any portion of their website content they may wish.

Unlike generally available applications targeted to this purpose, such as Microsoft FrontPage, OACYS website editing tools are designed for use by any level of office clerk, or even temporary staff, with virtually no training. Our websites are designed for business users, not computer staff.

Our independence at OACYS has fostered the growth of a superior, seasoned, and accomplished programming team. Company networks are all Internet-based, and all of our management software is developed and maintained internally. This involves the integration of complex front-end websites, robust back-end database servers to store volumes of information, and the use of sophisticated "middleware" application software to connect the two ends together and retrieve data on demand via custom programming.

For more information, please contact Business Development Manager Marie Burkey at 559.781.4123 or via email to sales@porterville.com.